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  Thank you for sending one of your experts for our annual maintenance check

We had been using another company for the past two years and hated when it was time for the scheduled maintenance as it always meant somthing had to be replaced or changed. What a wondurful surprise it was to have the technician tell us the system is in good working order and doesn't need a thing.

He advised us it's 11 years old but definitely had another couple of good years in it. Probably 3-5 years on the indoor unit and 2-3 years on the outside one. So while we'll probably need to look at something in two years, right now it's just fine.

In addition to being thorough and honest, your prices are almost half of what we were paying the other company.

While i have been happy to refer you to people when ever the opportunity presented itself, I can now rave about your service and honest practises first hand. Thank you again for great service and for not trying to wrangle more money out of your customers unnecessarily!

Eva G  

  I want to thank you for the outstanding service that you and your company performed for my friend Miss.Ross.

Last week, her air conditioning was having some issues. when she announced that company ABC was coming to clean the unit and make an assessment, I made that funny face that I have been known to make(nose scrunch) and she started asking WHY?Why the funny face, why the look? My friends known me well.

I told her I knew the most wonderful, honest, fair and top notch HVAC guy around and she said, "Let's see what ABC tells me. I told her she simply MUST call you, that she would be happy she did..... When I called you were RIGHT on it, and your assessment of the situation was immediate, and your company had her new(and priced right) air units working(including the full install on a Saturday) like a breeze. VERY COOL... I say, and not a play on words!

She is signing your company song and her neighbors are taking notice!! I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking care of this situation as a true professional!May you install many AC unit in that small townhome community!

Jenet C  

  I have written to you about the great service Toatal Air Care provided me personally but now I have to commit to writing the phenomenal service we at PROPERTY RX as received as a business.

In the short time that I have been coordinating A/C service for my clients(and one in particular that has a preference for Total Air Care)your has consistently gone above and beyond to be be responsive and expeditious. This has been a particularly challenging time with the temperatures soaring to recors heights and the concern and empathy your company has shown for delivering service quickly is greatly appreciated.

Today we called first thing in the morning for a quote that was needed ASAP and not only did your team spring into action but you personally called me to discuss the specs and explain your quote. Due to the pre-existing situation, this work was likely to go to someone else but you treated the request with the urgency it required despite the fact that you may not be awarded the job. This turned out to be instrumental in getting the owner to make a decision and subsequently providing relief to a beleaguered tenant who had been without air conditioning for dyas.

The work went to another company but I,for one, will never forget the cooperation we received and this once again affirms our choice to work with Total Air Care and to recommend/refer your company to all that we do business with.

Melanie W  

  I could not be more pleased with the quality and installation performed by Jay and Billy! They knew what they were doing and did a very professional job! They did not even stop for lunch! I will recomment your Company to everyone I know needing service and a new system. They did not have a programmable thermostat but said you would send someone out to take care of it. Again I can't say enough about the service I received from your Company!!!!!! you have a customer for LIFE! Thank you so much!!!!
Companies like yours are hard to come by! Job well done!!!!!